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Gas boiler servicing in London

''In order to keep your home safe, avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns and save money on your heating bill, it is essential that you arrange a gas boiler service at least once every twelve months.

While your boiler and central heating system seem to be working well, it is easy to postpone your annual service. However, in practice this can be a dangerous and costly move.

Most gas engineers believe that around 75% of all boiler breakdowns could have been prevented by annual boiler servicing. Boiler and heating system repairs are usually costly in comparison to an annual boiler service. A boiler service involves full cleaning and inspection of the heat exchanger and main burner. Additionally the pipework is checked along with all the pressure settings and controls.

We carry out annual boiler servicing in London
on all types of domestic boilers


Call Gas-Experts today to arrange a gas boiler service in London, and you can enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Lower your heating bills
  • Boiler servicing validates your warranty
  • Potential problems identified early
  • More efficient heating system
  • Longer-lasting boiler
  • Potential dangers spotted, such as carbon monoxide leaks


Carbon monoxide poisoning is thought to claim around 50 deaths a year in the UK alone. Our highly-trained engineers are trained to diagnose the signs of a potentially fatal carbon monoxide leak, and can immediately take action to resolve the problem.

Contact Gas-Experts today to arrange your annual boiler service - 0203 674 1686

By arranging a boiler service with Gas-Experts, you can relax in the knowledge that you are vastly reducing your chances of being landed with expensive repair jobs and, most importantly of all, you are taking the proper steps to ensure your safety and that of your family.

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